At BLO BAR, we totally understand the struggles that come with being a mother, or father for that matter, as well as how much self sacrifice you endure when you are a parent. Gone are the days of flitting to the salon for a relaxing treatment, now it’s all about keeping your child entertained whilst you try and indulge.


Trouble with a Babysitter

It’s become an age-old problem for the modern day mum; you have a long awaited appointment at your local salon, but you can’t find a babysitter. The whole day changes into organising logistics, stocking up on necessities for the day and trying to shush your offspring before everybody in the salon decides to stage a revolt against you. Turn the clock forward a few hours and you’re leaving the salon not feeling refreshed, but instead ready for a long lie down and a large glass of wine!

A mother herself, owner Nadia has thrown herself into ensuring that customers of Blo Bar can enjoy a pamper experience, without the day being on a par with a military operation. BLO BAR’s onsite fully supervised Playroom is the perfect place to drop your child(ren) whilst you chill out, have a break away from being ‘mum’, and just go back to being ‘you’.

You sit in the chair and let us do the babysitting!



Child's Play

You will never be far away from your children as the Playroom is in full view through our superb technology. We offer our customers iOS or Android tablets, linked to the Playroom cameras, offering a direct link to watch your kiddy-winks on the screen should you so wish. So whether you want to watch your children, surf the web, check email, maybe watch a film, or flick between the lot, you are in full control from the comfort of your chair.

We want to provide an unrivalled customer experience that is pleasurable and relaxing and will make you want to come back. It is very important to us that our customers can fully immerse themselves in their salon experience without their mind trailing back to the worry of their little ones.

We like to think our Playroom is one of the best on planet beauty, but it doesn’t cost you the earth!