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Pregnancy hair!

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Pregnancy hair… Wow, we know, your hair has never been so long and thick!

The big question is why?
Well, when you are pregnant your body starts to produce a lot more Oestrogen and Progesterone. What’s worth knowing is that your hair grows in three main stages active growth, resting and shedding. For more information on this, check out Philip Kingsley’s hair growth cycle phases.

While you’re pregnant the ‘Growing’ phase, otherwise known as Anagen phase goes on for longer (YAY!) your hairs wont die as quickly this results in longer and thicker hair while you’re pregnant! Great news, now the bad….

What goes up must come down…
If you suffer from Post-partum Shedding don’t stress! This is completely normal it happens because three months after child birth the extra hair you have grown throughout the pregnancy begins to shed. This begin at 3 months as this is how long it takes for a dead hair to work its way out of your hair follicle. This begins to calm after around 3 months, this can’t be helped but we know it can be a little bit traumatising.

A little bit of advice….
Ensure your GP is monitoring your iron levels specifically, eat lots of protein, and generally stay healthy! If you take care of your body, it has a better chance of bouncing back from any problems, which may affect hair after childbirth. Make sure you continue taking your vitamins to keep you fit and healthy and DON’T do anything drastic. Cutting your hair into a shorter style can make it look thicker but in turn the up keep can increase. Consult your hairdresser at Blo Bar and they can offer advice to keep you looking fantastic.