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Is pink the new black??

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Here at Blo Bar we don't administer colour as it doesn't coincide with our express beauty treatment ethos....that doesn't mean we don't love it! Since we love all things hair and beauty we thought we would discuss the current trend seen transforming women everywhere from celebrity's to us regular folk. Pink hair!! Once seen as a rebellious statement now seen as a modern alternative to blonde pink hair is a really soft way to lighten up your hair. Check out some of the styles we've picked up on...
JESSIE J - Never did we think a shaved head with pink dye could be so feminine! Jessie J looks so pretty in this shot her eyes just pop with that strong liner and the delicate pink lip is perfect to finish of the look. Though we don't regularly advocate shaving of your hair if your as fierce as Jessie J we say go for it!
CARA DELEVINGNE - Cara has to be one of the most photographed Supermodels of the moment and she is most popular for that stark eyebrow of hers and finely coiffed blonde locks. Oh and the fact she is pretty damn beautiful too. But check out this image we found of her from a recent photoshoot sporting the ever popular pink hair! You may need to take a second glance to even realise this is Cara at first but we think its such a lovely look for her. It also shows that you can sport a pink look without the matching eyebrows, in fact we strongly advice against the pink eyebrow route as it can make the look a lot more 'clown' and a lot less chic!
 Bafta Arrivals
You may well be saying it's all well and good to have pink hair if your a supermodel your can do whatever you wish and still look fab with those legs and that bone structure! But check out Helen Mirren rocking the pink look for a red carpet event. There is no doubt she too is a very beautiful woman but it does show that pink hair is ageless and can work for any style. Its a modern day purple rinse that certainly doesn't label Helen as an 'older woman'. Far from it!
Last but certainly not least its the GAGA! Known for her craziest of crazy looks more often than not no one would dream of wearing she has become something of a public spectacle rather than a style queen. But look at her here! The epitome of sweetness. Go GAGA, we love this look!
Whats your view on the craze?? Have you donned the look and want some style/hair care advice from the professionals here at Blobar in Chiswick. Get in touch we love to hear from you!!
Much Love BB x