Turn on the Terror!!! Heidi Style….

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 Looking for inspiration for Halloween this year?!?!?!….. Look no further. B1o’s got your back with Heidi Klum’s (The Queen of Halloween’s) Best Costumes 😉

Still have no idea what to wear this year?… Well….

In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.’ Cady, Mean Girls.

Book in this weekend to give you the Heidi edge!

B1oBar xoxo

Oh we do LOVE the 50’s

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Here at Blobar we love a vintage do at the best of times and today I'm focusing on my personal favourite era the 50's. The era of glamour, romance and hair and make up styles that we are still referencing today. The 50's is one decade that keeps on reinventing itself time and time again. It was an era that welcomed all things new. The war was over and girls where celebrating with 'new looks', colour and indulgence. Creativity is born out of hardship and the 50's was nothing if not creative.
Today I've been looking at styles from then and now. The comparison is remarkable, the modern twist is so subtle proving that 50's style is timeless.
Flawless complexion, a stong eyebrow some liquid eyeliner and your good to go. I could be talking about my everyday make up routine (or what I try to achieve). Little did I know we learnt everything we now know from these screen sirens. Hair on the other hand is certainly something I haven't/couldn't fathom achieving by myself with the best intentions in the world! But I know a number of very talented hairdressers here at Blobar who would happily aid me in the quest for the perfect quaff! :)
While getting lost googling inspirational images of 50's beauty shots I cam across this little diamond. Don't you think this is the perfect head turning look for work?! Maybe not but a works do or after work drinks, yes please! It's so modern and simple we think most face shapes could pull this style off which is a real bonus. With a pin curl here and some hairspray there you could be leaving us feeling every inch the 50's pin up.
Not everyone fancies going the full monty as it where but is looking for something with that nod towards a vintage look. This look is a great updo for any occasion. It's also a great way of managing misbehaving hair in the heat.
Hope to see you all getting booked in for a nostalgic do! Go on be brave, we promise you it will pay off.
Much Love, BB x