Wash all your troubles away!

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Ladies Autumns here, its time to Detox and Clarify!!

Summer has been fantastic, you’ve used you favourite salt spray to give you that beachy look, slapped on the SPF because its the responsible thing to do and maxed out the leave in conditioners because you’re on holiday! With the unavoidable build up from your summer routine, NOW is the time to wipe the slate clean and begin your Autumn hair regime.

Pick up a salon quality clarifying shampoo. We recommend Bumble and Bumble’s Sunday shampoo it can be used weekly to detoxify and clarify your hair, keeping you fresh for the Autumn. Its important you chose a quality product, you get what you pay for after all!


A little word from Bumble and Bumble about the Sunday Shampoo…

  • What: A weekly (any day) detox to rid hair of product residue, hard water minerals, pollutants, you name it. Perfect for product junkies and infrequent washers.
  • Who: Anyone (except colour treated). Ideal to use just prior to masques, and colour/chemical treatments.
  • When: Weekly (any day will do); before masques and/or colour/chemical treatments (not after).
  • How: Wet hair, lather in palms, massage through and rinse thoroughly (no need to repeat).


If you have any Clarifying tips please comment below! Friends who share are friends who care after all :)


B1o x

pregnant woman cutting hair

Pregnancy hair!

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Pregnancy hair… Wow, we know, your hair has never been so long and thick!

The big question is why?
Well, when you are pregnant your body starts to produce a lot more Oestrogen and Progesterone. What’s worth knowing is that your hair grows in three main stages active growth, resting and shedding. For more information on this, check out Philip Kingsley’s hair growth cycle phases.

While you’re pregnant the ‘Growing’ phase, otherwise known as Anagen phase goes on for longer (YAY!) your hairs wont die as quickly this results in longer and thicker hair while you’re pregnant! Great news, now the bad….

What goes up must come down…
If you suffer from Post-partum Shedding don’t stress! This is completely normal it happens because three months after child birth the extra hair you have grown throughout the pregnancy begins to shed. This begin at 3 months as this is how long it takes for a dead hair to work its way out of your hair follicle. This begins to calm after around 3 months, this can’t be helped but we know it can be a little bit traumatising.

A little bit of advice….
Ensure your GP is monitoring your iron levels specifically, eat lots of protein, and generally stay healthy! If you take care of your body, it has a better chance of bouncing back from any problems, which may affect hair after childbirth. Make sure you continue taking your vitamins to keep you fit and healthy and DON’T do anything drastic. Cutting your hair into a shorter style can make it look thicker but in turn the up keep can increase. Consult your hairdresser at Blo Bar and they can offer advice to keep you looking fantastic.

Blo Bar is 1!

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blo bar 1st birthdayWe are very proud to invite you all to our big first birthday bash on Saturday 8 November from 9am to 8pm. Its been a fantastic first year for us all at Blo Bar Chiswick and we could not have done it without you, our fantastic, wonderful and loyal clients!

As a thank you for the past year we invite you all to join us and share our big day of birthday fun. Its a bumper day of activities and surprises for you and your children. We recommend booking your treatments with your favourite stylists and beauticians early as we have 25% off all of our services all day.

We will welcome you to the salon with a glass of birthday champagne and our special Blo Bar birthday cupcakes. For the children we have face painting from 11 to 1, children's entertainers from 1 to 3, and then a resident DJ from 3 until 7 so you can boogie on down as you prepare for that big night on the town!

In addition to the full range of usual services - our signature blowdries, classic manicures and pedicures, lycon waxing and Vani-T spray tans - we also have a resident MAC make up artist offering Hollywood Glamour make overs to match your stunning new up-do! And all this at 25% off as a huge thank you to all our loyal clients.

In addition we are also offering -

25% off all Philip Kingsley hair products

With every two services you get a free Bumble & Bumble hair service (redeemable in the month of November)

Show off your new blow-dry to all your friends with professional photographers

Have a glass of champagne whilst your little ones enjoy our kids entertainment from 11 to 3

Get in the party mood with our live DJ all afternoon from 3 to 7

Experience a total make-over with our resident MAC makeup artist and London Fashion Week hair stylists

Oh we do LOVE the 50’s

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Here at Blobar we love a vintage do at the best of times and today I'm focusing on my personal favourite era the 50's. The era of glamour, romance and hair and make up styles that we are still referencing today. The 50's is one decade that keeps on reinventing itself time and time again. It was an era that welcomed all things new. The war was over and girls where celebrating with 'new looks', colour and indulgence. Creativity is born out of hardship and the 50's was nothing if not creative.
Today I've been looking at styles from then and now. The comparison is remarkable, the modern twist is so subtle proving that 50's style is timeless.
Flawless complexion, a stong eyebrow some liquid eyeliner and your good to go. I could be talking about my everyday make up routine (or what I try to achieve). Little did I know we learnt everything we now know from these screen sirens. Hair on the other hand is certainly something I haven't/couldn't fathom achieving by myself with the best intentions in the world! But I know a number of very talented hairdressers here at Blobar who would happily aid me in the quest for the perfect quaff! :)
While getting lost googling inspirational images of 50's beauty shots I cam across this little diamond. Don't you think this is the perfect head turning look for work?! Maybe not but a works do or after work drinks, yes please! It's so modern and simple we think most face shapes could pull this style off which is a real bonus. With a pin curl here and some hairspray there you could be leaving us feeling every inch the 50's pin up.
Not everyone fancies going the full monty as it where but is looking for something with that nod towards a vintage look. This look is a great updo for any occasion. It's also a great way of managing misbehaving hair in the heat.
Hope to see you all getting booked in for a nostalgic do! Go on be brave, we promise you it will pay off.
Much Love, BB x

Not So Mellow Yellow

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When I mentioned to everyone my new favourite colour for nails was yellow I tended to get the same reply. A sort of face grimace and nose shrug indicating...'hhhmm I'm not so sure'. Even the beauticians here at Blobar where somewhat sceptical, so I was convinced to persuade everyone to join my yellow nail fanclub! I had my nails buffed puffed and scuffed and coated in a luscious yellow colour. The verdict....EVERYONE loves it!
I am not one of those who generally wears lots of bright colours be it on my nails or my clothes. My wardrobe consists of LOTS of black, the odd grey jersey, a bit of white and a few multi coloured pieces I bought when I thought I wanted a change (I never wear them). My nails tend to be draped in various shades of grey or nude and maybe red if I'm feeling daring, but my point is this is out of character for me. I feel that little bit of yellow in my life has brightened up my day and my skintone and the comments really help boost my day. I have a slightly tanned complexion so it helps in pulling off a really bold yellow but I do believe there is a yellow out there for everyone. Let me show you...
So Ok this is very bright, but as is Katie's hair and dress. Maybe a slight colour overload but lovely none the less. With a far more toned done ensemble these nails would really pop. Bo bold and embrace it with our new OPI neon's arriving in salon soon.
For those who fancy a more mellow yellow, go for a pastel shade. It's complimentary to almost all skin tones and a much more delicate finish than the bolder yellows. It's a great alternative to a nude or cream colour for summertime.
Do you tend to go for a dark red or deep purple when you come to us for a manicure and your actually horrified by thought of wearing yellow. Don't be, try a mustard based shade of yellow/green its much more muted but a little unusual you'd be pleasantly surprised how many people would notice the change.
So next time your exploring our range of colours take a little time to consider a yellow it may be the slightly lonelier colour the shelf but in my opinion its the best!
Much love BB x



Beach style – Home or Away.

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Summer has hit us hard this week and we are NOT complaining! We love the sunshine here at Blobar. Though it gets a little warm with all the blodrying action, we have a revolving door of customers wanting to get fab hair looks and bright nails. Beach hair is not really what it says on the tin. We all want a lovely 'natural' wave as we step out of the ocean but in reality we often look like a tangled mess. I think we all know by now that 'effortless chic' is never effortless! Here at Blobar we have trained professionals in 'effortless chic' who can have you looking beach ready in no time. Just because your not going away this summer doesn't mean you can't enjoy the look too. If your heading down to the Southbank or Brighton this weekend you may as well be somewhere on the continent with this weather!
Check out some of the looks we have been favouring...
THE ULTIMATE BEACH WAVE - Thinking 'my hair never holds a curl' or 'my hair is to curly it would just frizz' you couldn't be more wrong. This is the look that we immediately associate with the a just stepped of the beach look. The so called 'natural' look. If you are lucky enough to have a natural wave like this that's AMAZING but if not (like most of us) we can achieve it. So if your flying off to St Tropez for the weekend or about to embark on your annual trip to your favourite Greek island with a little bit of tonging and twizzling you'll be ready for the sunshine.
43e4902f407f0aa399066b18fe64249aPlaited hair
PLAITS - Plaits are great when it comes to taming beach frizz. Not only does it keep your hair out of your face but also protects against the salt and sand. We specialise in plaits here at the Blobar from fishtails to French plaits get yours booked in now. We think hair also looks great when take your plaits out. Bonus, 2 hairstyles in 1!
THE PIXIE BEACH BOB - Also don't discount yourself from a great beach look just because you haven't got long flowing locks. We think beach curls are so cute on shorter hair, check out this look. Just fab!
Get down to Blobar in Chiswick ASAP where we can transform you just in time for that short break or just for a bit of fun for a summers weekend in London.
Much Love BB x


Is pink the new black??

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Here at Blo Bar we don't administer colour as it doesn't coincide with our express beauty treatment ethos....that doesn't mean we don't love it! Since we love all things hair and beauty we thought we would discuss the current trend seen transforming women everywhere from celebrity's to us regular folk. Pink hair!! Once seen as a rebellious statement now seen as a modern alternative to blonde pink hair is a really soft way to lighten up your hair. Check out some of the styles we've picked up on...
JESSIE J - Never did we think a shaved head with pink dye could be so feminine! Jessie J looks so pretty in this shot her eyes just pop with that strong liner and the delicate pink lip is perfect to finish of the look. Though we don't regularly advocate shaving of your hair if your as fierce as Jessie J we say go for it!
CARA DELEVINGNE - Cara has to be one of the most photographed Supermodels of the moment and she is most popular for that stark eyebrow of hers and finely coiffed blonde locks. Oh and the fact she is pretty damn beautiful too. But check out this image we found of her from a recent photoshoot sporting the ever popular pink hair! You may need to take a second glance to even realise this is Cara at first but we think its such a lovely look for her. It also shows that you can sport a pink look without the matching eyebrows, in fact we strongly advice against the pink eyebrow route as it can make the look a lot more 'clown' and a lot less chic!
 Bafta Arrivals
You may well be saying it's all well and good to have pink hair if your a supermodel your can do whatever you wish and still look fab with those legs and that bone structure! But check out Helen Mirren rocking the pink look for a red carpet event. There is no doubt she too is a very beautiful woman but it does show that pink hair is ageless and can work for any style. Its a modern day purple rinse that certainly doesn't label Helen as an 'older woman'. Far from it!
Last but certainly not least its the GAGA! Known for her craziest of crazy looks more often than not no one would dream of wearing she has become something of a public spectacle rather than a style queen. But look at her here! The epitome of sweetness. Go GAGA, we love this look!
Whats your view on the craze?? Have you donned the look and want some style/hair care advice from the professionals here at Blobar in Chiswick. Get in touch we love to hear from you!!
Much Love BB x


Weddings + Sumer Heat = Updo Season!!

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It's our favourite time of year here at Blobar. The sun is shining (most of the time) everyone's getting summer ready and the Weddings are in full swing. Generally heat + hair = frizz so here at Blobar we are in full force ready to tackle this problem. In fact to embrace it!
With the help of our uber talented stylists Bradley, Ann and Nina we have developed tons of new styles that update the aging and totally typical up do. For those of you who have had the honour bestowed upon them to be a bridesmaid you may (like me) have dreaded that tight curled, 5000 pins, pineapple head hairstyle that is often forced upon you as its  'the right way to wear your hair at a wedding'. We totally disagree, brides want there girls to look like themselves (but maybe a little more fabulous). We think we've come up with a couple of examples that break the mold, check them out...
Modern Bridesmaid at it's best! I love a fishtail plait at the best time (Nina's a pro).
Also I think every girl has seen umpteen red carpet hairstyles and thought AMAZING but I could never look like that. Again we disagree and so we have been treating our customers to unique styles straight from the red carpet that achieve that youthful updo that lifts the face rather than camouflages it! Be it those big and bouncy curls with a bit of an edge to a completely sweeped of the face look, we have it covered!
Though of late Rihanna has not had the best of look with her catwalk appearances (was it a dress/wasn't it) she always has FAB hair. I think she pulls off the ultimate in fun and fierce when it comes to hair check out the Rihanna style curls we manages to achieve!
Move Over Rihanna!
So get down here and get your very own updo to look summer ready in no time at all!

Much Love BB x



Happy Mummy!

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We always welcome interested bloggers into our Blobar as we think it's a fantastic way of getting a critical first hand review of our services. We welcomed Alexia from 'a mum in london' blog as we not only shared her fiew on modern parenting but had a number of our loyal clients tell us about her. Having come in for our signature blow out, Phillip Kingsley Elasticiser treatment and manicure we got a shining review from the lovely lady on her blog (see below link). So thanks Alexia!! Your welcome in anytime.

mum in london blog header
Pamper me pretty!
Though we love the glitz and glam of our bloggers but would also love some feedback from you guys. Fill us in with your comments on our blog or email us at hello@b1obar.com.
Much Love x
P.s Check out a Mum in London blog, its FAB!
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