Beach style – Home or Away.

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Summer has hit us hard this week and we are NOT complaining! We love the sunshine here at Blobar. Though it gets a little warm with all the blodrying action, we have a revolving door of customers wanting to get fab hair looks and bright nails. Beach hair is not really what it says on the tin. We all want a lovely 'natural' wave as we step out of the ocean but in reality we often look like a tangled mess. I think we all know by now that 'effortless chic' is never effortless! Here at Blobar we have trained professionals in 'effortless chic' who can have you looking beach ready in no time. Just because your not going away this summer doesn't mean you can't enjoy the look too. If your heading down to the Southbank or Brighton this weekend you may as well be somewhere on the continent with this weather!
Check out some of the looks we have been favouring...
THE ULTIMATE BEACH WAVE - Thinking 'my hair never holds a curl' or 'my hair is to curly it would just frizz' you couldn't be more wrong. This is the look that we immediately associate with the a just stepped of the beach look. The so called 'natural' look. If you are lucky enough to have a natural wave like this that's AMAZING but if not (like most of us) we can achieve it. So if your flying off to St Tropez for the weekend or about to embark on your annual trip to your favourite Greek island with a little bit of tonging and twizzling you'll be ready for the sunshine.
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PLAITS - Plaits are great when it comes to taming beach frizz. Not only does it keep your hair out of your face but also protects against the salt and sand. We specialise in plaits here at the Blobar from fishtails to French plaits get yours booked in now. We think hair also looks great when take your plaits out. Bonus, 2 hairstyles in 1!
THE PIXIE BEACH BOB - Also don't discount yourself from a great beach look just because you haven't got long flowing locks. We think beach curls are so cute on shorter hair, check out this look. Just fab!
Get down to Blobar in Chiswick ASAP where we can transform you just in time for that short break or just for a bit of fun for a summers weekend in London.
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